High Manufacturing
High Technology
    • Design Technology
    • To reduce development time, Not only long time experience. Advance technology such as design simulation software that be used for high quality products both Iron Casting & Aluminum Casting

Rapid Prototyping
    • Prototype is very important for current product development process. The product complexity and fast time to market , if we wait to finish product development process and correct it. That too late for current market situation. The varity material of Rapid Prototyping that be used for multipropose by
    • Parting line design
    • Core Design
    • Internal Shortblast
    • Temporary gating for trial
    • New Design Concept
    • CAD / CAM / CAE
Tooling / Machine Making Process
Since 1990 , CAD/CAM system has started to produce tooling for Aluminum & Iron casting supported. In-house making & development is our strength to continue developing capability to maintain the leader in Automotive part making Group of company.