ATTG Milestone
ATTG Milestone
  • 1977The casting department was separated from Siam Cement Group in 1977 to be a newly company named The Siam Nawaloha Foundry [SNF]
    1985The machining department was separated from SNF in Thai Engineering Products [TEP]
    1990The Siam Nawaloha Foundry which had continuously expanded its casting facilities to the newly iron casting foundry named The Nawaloha Industry [NIC]
    1995The Nawaloha Foundry Bangpakong [NFB] and was closed since 1999 due to the 1997 Thailand economic crisis
    1996Thai Engineering Products (TEP) which had expanded its machining facility to Siam AT Industry [SATI]
    1998Since the competition in the automotive parts market became more severe when established company support for sales & marketing is The Nawaloha Engineering Products Sales [NEP]
    2001The Nawaloha Foundry Bangpakong (NFB) change name to Aisin Takaoka Foundry Bangpakong [ATFB].
    2002-2011The Nawaloha Engineering Products Sales [NEP] had been restructured and change name to be Aisin Takaoka (Thailand) [ATT]. It also responsible for Sales, Marketing, Business Planning & Development and Production Control Function of the group companies (5 companies).
    2011Aisin Takaoka Asia (AT-A) It excutes for ATTG. In addition, AT-A also has become the functional control center in the purpose of supporting to enhance the capability of our manufacturing company. Such as Production Engineer Function, Production Promotion function etc.