Production Management
Production Management

The strictly implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS) to eliminate the muda of over-production ,motion (of operator or machine) , waiting (of operator or machine) ,handling , processing itself ,inventory (raw material) ,correction (rework and scrap) which results in competitive leadtime , cost and quality .

Single piece flow : The implementation of the packaging and conveyance system is one of the important tool for the production in single piece flow system .

Forkliftless Operation : E-Car & Cart is our tool to replace the dangerous Forklift for the in house logistic after implementing the small box and roller concept.

Through Process

The production system which is running through in one plant from casting production through finishing and machining to get ready Finished Goods give us the good competitive edge.

Global Standard Line (GSL)

To maintain the Quality cost delivery at the Top Level in the world as well as to shorten lead time we are using the standard equipments which is standardize among all foundry plants in AT. Group.

In productive processing management, There is Production Promotion to supportive with the foundation of conceptual of Toyota Production System (TPS).
The main purpose in using TPS to managing the production, to cut productive cost, to be competitive and gain profit to company which each year will issue policies to be administrating and trend to improve with TPS concept within ATTG continually.
Story Main Activity
In year 2014 There is policy of decreasing from the transportation and logistic and to promote training TPS course to our employees which is called "Genba Kaizen training" by emphasizing the employees to be learn how to implement TPS to themselves.
Genba Kaizen Training activity for learning and improvement